The Philosophy of a Curious Spirit

When I was only four years old at a restaurant with my family, I wanted Caesar dressing for some food, but it wasn’t written on the menu.  I decided to ask the waiter if they had it anyway, and, lo and behold, they did!  My grandfather, admiring my young feistiness, was impressed that I had taken it upon myself to ask.  I turned to him and said, “It never hurts to ask, Poppop!”  

I have been living my life by this philosophy since I was young and have always found that the worst answer I can receive is a “no.”  How can you know if the answer just might be “yes” if you don’t find the courage to ask the question?  Now, this can mean anything from asking for food not listed on the menu in a restaurant to asking a question of your body or asking a question of life.  How do you know what you are capable of until you try it?

In yoga the other day, my instructor led us into Side Crow, which, watching her do it, seemed challenging!  How would my hands hold up my entire body cocked to one side, scrunched up and with all my weight pressing on my wrists?  Curiosity kicked in, and, lifting one toe at a time off the floor at a snail’s pace, I was able to support myself….before falling flat on my face.  But I felt triumph in having had the courage to fall, and also in the fact that for however short I may have been in the pose, I did in fact support my body on my two hands for at least a fraction of a second!  I could do it!  I would never have had that accomplished feeling if I had listened to doubt and not even tried.

Here’s to asking and not being afraid of looking stupid.

Here’s to inquisitiveness and learning more about the beautiful world around us.  Because if we simply ask more about and of it, it will open doors we never knew were there to begin with.

xx Katie

Photo Credit: Jonathan Chicot


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