QOTD: Allowing the Universe to do Her Thing

Luca and I got married almost two years ago with the intention of moving to America eventually.  We had always heard how challenging the immigration process was, so at the beginning of this year we braced ourselves and dove in, counting on a long journey before actually journeying to America.

let go quote spirit junkie app gabby bernstein

Sometimes it is really really hard to just let go and let the universe do her thing.

This mantra has kind of been forced on Luca and me for the past year while we go through the green card process. There is so much waiting involved, and our future is at the mercy of these people who don’t know us or our relationship and just see us as a packet of documents (of which I imagine they get hundreds a day). Our lives have been put on a sort of “standby” for months, not knowing whether to start searching for jobs in the States or when we should notify our bosses that we will leave, without knowing when.

It’s been stressful and draining, but each time we start worrying about things that are out of our control, I try to remind Luca that we’ve done our best, and now we need to let go of it. What is meant to happen will happen. How long it takes to get there is how long it’s supposed to take for us to get there. We are learning so much about patience and endurance and motivation, and for that I thank the universe. Letting go is so freeing. If we’ve done everything we can do to make what we want to happen, happen, then it’s not up to us anymore.

I believe in the journey of life and learning from it.

I believe good things happen to people who have the perseverance to keep striving to MAKE those good things happen.

xx Katie


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