QOTD: Power Over Fear

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Chicot

Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one [we] are told.  I decided I was safe.  I was strong.  I was brave.  Nothing could vanquish me.  Insisting on this story was a form of mind control, but for the most part, it worked.  Every time I heard a sound of unknown origin or felt something horrible cohering in my imagination, I pushed it away.  I simply did not let myself become afraid.  Fear begets fear.  Power begets power.  I willed myself to beget power.  And it wasn’t long before I actually wasn’t afraid.” – Wild, Cheryl Strayed

One of my Poppop’s favorite sayings is, “Act as if.”  Act as if you aren’t afraid when you are.  Act as if your heart isn’t beating out of your chest when it is.  Act as if you are powerful even when you don’t feel like you are.   Before long, you could begin to believe it.

We are all stronger and fiercer and braver and more powerful than we think.  We just need to remind ourselves of it every day, as many times as it takes.

So much love and light today and every day….

xx Katie


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