QOTD: You Are Free (because Nobody’s Thinking About You)


Sometimes in yoga, it’s hard not to judge myself because I’m afraid of what other people are thinking about how badly I’m doing a pose.  NEWS FLASH: they aren’t!  When I take a minute to realize that I don’t look at other people during yoga because I’m too busy worrying about myself, I also realize that they are probably doing the exact same thing!

This doesn’t only apply to yoga, but also to dancing in a bar or in a club.  It applies to wearing something seemingly “out there” but that makes you happy.  It applies to taking a funny picture in front of a tourist attraction even though there are hundreds of people around who can see you.  I promise: even if you capture their attention for a moment, seconds later they will have gone right back to worrying about themselves.

There’s a freedom in this.  Embrace your silly impulses and don’t give a damn what people think.  Life is a lot more fun that way :]

xx Katie


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