QOTD: Wait Without Anxiety

A Course in Miracles Quote wait without anxiety

I just heard this quote from A Course In Miracles while watching an episode of Marie TV on Youtube with Gabrielle Bernstein.  In it, my two fave spiritual kickass chicks talk about manifesting: what it is, and how to do it.  Manifesting is basically believing in and visualizing your dreams with such conviction that you make them a reality.  The thing is, the universe will give you your desires in its own time.  Which is why, in the waiting period, we must be patient.

I love this quote, because it refers to the peace that you can feel when you truly trust that your desires will manifest.  We can be certain that the right job will come along.  We can be certain that the we will get the house we want.  We can be certain that the perfect mate will make their way into our lives.  In the waiting period, we must believe that it will come, that the universe has our backs, and that the time in between is a gift in itself to practice patience and trust.

I trust that Luca and I will find the right jobs when we return to America.  I trust that we will find the right place to live.  These things may not, and probably won’t, happen as quickly as we might wish them to, but I feel calm knowing that these things will come.  And the time in between is an adventure that I can fully dive into with the knowledge that the universe has my back :]

xx Katie

Photo Credit: Jonathan Chicot


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