Photo Diary: A Weekend in Berlin

Berlin has been on my list to visit ever since I came to live in Europe five years ago.  I’ve always heard it’s a great city for partying, but also for art and history (obviously).  When Luca and I went a few weeks ago, it didn’t disappoint!  In fact, it turned out to be one of my favorites of our destinations in Europe.  We were suuuuuper lucky to have had gorgeous weather while we were there, so we took the opportunity to walk almost everywhere we went, which gave us the chance to really see the city.  Below are photos of some of my fave spots that made the visit so special.  Click on the smaller photos to enlarge and swipe through!

The East Side Gallery


This is the largest stretch of the Berlin Wall that still exists, preserved as a space for curated murals that illustrate different interpretations of freedom and peace.



My fabulous German friend took us to this little rooftop market-slash-hangout, where we browsed the goods while sipping gluwein (hot mulled wine) and the sun set over the skyline.  Seriously a gem of a spot.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


This memorial is simple and effective: rows of gray coffin-shaped slabs create a sort of haunting labyrinth stretching over an entire square.  Walking through its claustrophobic alleys was inevitably a humbling and reflective experience.

Topography of Terror


This museum was one of the highlights of the trip, in my opinion.  Sponsored by the state and free of charge, it details Hitler’s rise to power and eventual defeat through original documents: photos, newspapers, journal entries and police files.  I found it shocking and scary how a whole country could succumb to the fear tactics of a man and his cult-like following.  Regardless of the discomfort of the subject, I found it enlightening and important for educating visitors so that this doesn’t become a reality again.



Taking a bike ride through the “Central Park of Berlin” was another highlight of the trip for me.  I love big parks in the middle of busy cities, where you can be surrounded by trees and the noise of the traffic falls away for a bit.  Renting a bike to ride through it allowed us to get around the entire park for the short hour we had the bikes for, and feel like locals :]

During our time in Berlin, we also visited the DDR Museum (an interactive, hands-on museum depicting life on the East side of the wall under communism), the famous Brandenburg Gate, and the Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz.


If you get a chance, I totally recommend visiting Berlin!

xx Katie




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