My Packing Essentials!

Ryanair wing

Being on a plane is rarely comfortable…unless maybe if you fly first class, which I certainly don’t, haha!  (IT’S ON MY BUCKET LIST.)  However, dealing with the discomfort of the cramped seats and figuring out where to put all your little things is a small price to pay for the amazingness of travel :]  Through lots of trial and error, I’ve discovered my essentials for travelling as efficiently and as comfortably as possible, and I bring these things with me whether I’m going for a quick weekend trip or a long vacation.

  1. Big scarf


Even if it’s summer or I am travelling to a warm destination, I still bring a lightweight wrap: not moving for an extended period of time on a plane usually calls for something to throw on!  Big scarves doubling as blankets give the illusion of comfort, and if I want to sleep, I pull it up over my face to block out the light…and hide whatever my face might be doing while I am unconscious ;]

  1. Eye mask


If I do want to sleep (which I usually do – I’m a little bit narcoleptic, hehe), my eye mask is my best friend.  Not because I can’t sleep with light, but because it’s another way to become cozier and to trick my body into relaxing.

  1. Travel-size liquid containers


When I was younger, it was fine to use the cheap “shampoo-slash-body-slash-face-wash” hotel soap, but in my late twenties I feel the difference in my skin and hair after only one use.  My aunt gave me a set of labelled containers for travel when I left for Europe, and they are the best thing ever!  Now, I can stay with the same skin- and hair-care routine when I travel, while knowing that the containers are carry-on approved.

  1. Hair tool holder


I seriously don’t know what’s taken me so long to invest in this.  My straightener is always the last thing I pack, because I obviously put it away after I get ready, but it’s always scalding hot, so I have to kill time for at least ten minutes unless I want to melt my hairbrush or burn a hole in my clothes.  Now I can save myself the time and hassle: I can put the straightener away immediately and go!  

  1. Jewelry organizer


As you can see, I have a holder with a good number of little pockets, and it’s definitely better than nothing, but I recommend buying something with even more compartments to keep every piece separate (I have to cram three pairs of earrings into each pocket).  For a few years I have been supplementing with small, transparent jewelry bags to ensure that my necklaces stay separate and my dangly earrings don’t tangle and break.

  1. Pouches or bags


Even if it’s plastic bags recycled from shopping, I like everything to have its place: shirts in one bag, underwear, bras, and socks in another, and bottoms in yet another.  Toiletries have their own bag, and electronic stuff has its own pouch.  Trying to find a specific thing becomes much easier, which is important because I want my time in the hotel room to be easy and stress-free, leaving me calm and ready for whatever adventures the travel day has in store!  

Also always in my carry-on:

a book, music loaded up on my phone (I’ve gotten the seat with the broken screen on a full flight – argh)

a notebook

lotion (flying is drying)


WATER, WATER, WATER (again, flying is drying – hydrateeeeee!)

a healthy snack (nuts, seeds, fruit – something non-processed to help my – ahem – “digestion” stay on track amid all the processed airplane food)

What are your travel essentials?!

xx Katie


One thought on “My Packing Essentials!

  1. When I used to travel on business we had the saying, “Don’t forget your passport and your American Express Card, everything else you can get!”


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