About Katie

Photo Credit: Jonathan Chicot
Photo Credit: Jonathan Chicot

Hi!  I’m Katie Beth, a native Philadelphian living in Rome for the past three years.  I found my way to Europe after a very intense senior year of university when depression and anxiety threatened to pull me under.  My dream since I was a child was to be an actress, and after studying it at university, I finally discovered that world wasn’t beneficial to me and my dream began to fade.  Without direction or goals, I spiralled into a dark place.  Deciding to travel to try to find myself, I moved to London in the Autumn of 2010 despite not knowing anyone and never having been there before.  Through nannying and teaching English, I was able to live in London, Winterthur, Switzerland for a brief time, and now Rome, travelling to many different European destinations in the meantime.  In Rome, after healing a lot, I found the man who gave me a reason to stay somewhere: Luca.  It took five years of rootlessness, but I finally feel like I am becoming the woman I want to be.

Some things that always make me happy: candles, good books, dancing, bubble baths, belting tunes with my girls, BEYONCE, fashion magazines, Zem yoga studio, my best friend’s dog Kahlua :]

I love hearing from you! Contact me at katiebethnearpass@gmail.com ❤ I promise to do my best to respond as quickly as possible!

xx Katie

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4 thoughts on “About Katie

  1. I’m from the Philadelphia area myself and have always wanted to travel! Maybe one of these days I’ll make it our of the states hopefully soon! Your posts are beautiful and hopefully they continue. Looking forward to reading more.


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